No casualties after 4.7 earthquake in eastern Turkey

The earthquake struck the eastern province of Malatya. In January the region suffered a 6.8 magnitude earthquake that killed 41 people.

An earthquake of 4.7 degrees of intensity shook this Friday the town of Pütürge, located in the province of Malatya, in eastern Turkey, where at the beginning of the year another earthquake in the same region caused 41 deaths and serious damage to dozens of buildings.

As reported by the Turkish Emergency and Disaster Management Agency (AFAD), the tremor unleashed at 11:27 local time (9:27 CET) at a depth of 6.94 kilometres below the earth’s surface, and could also be felt in other neighbouring provinces such as Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa or Adıyaman.

The local authorities reported that at the moment there are no reports of damage or victims as a result of the earthquake, as was stated by the governor of Malatya, Aydın Baruş, despite the fact that scenes of panic did occur among the population. “Teams from the gendarmerie and AFAD are in the area, and we are closely monitoring the situation,” the governor told the Anatolia news agency.

Malatya suffered at the end of January the consequences of a 6.8 magnitude earthquake with epicentre in the neighbouring province of Elazığ that caused considerable damage and numerous victims in the region, and since then small earthquakes have not stopped, especially in Pütürge, which last September was shaken within a few hours by two tremors of 4.2 and 4 degrees.