Turkey, new Turkish ID

New Turkish electronic ID will serve as driving license and debit card

The new identity document will include a security chip that will allow it to be used as a driver’s license, debit card, and for online procedures that require an electronic signature.

The Interior Minister of Turkey announced a few days ago that the new Turkish electronic ID -which began to be distributed in 2017- can be used as a substitute for a driving license, and also as a debit card for purchases.

“Soon you will not have to carry a separate driving license. All information about licenses and permits will be included in the identity document (ID). Thus, the police or the gendarmerie will be able to verify your driving license by accessing the chip on your identity document”, declared last Friday Süleyman Soylu.

“The new IDs will also have new capabilities, such as information on social security and for electronic signatures (used in procedures with the Administration),” added the minister during a televised interview.

The new Turkish electronic ID, which is issued with a validity period of 10 years, also includes a series of state-of-the-art security measures to prevent its falsification, and a chip that stores various data and information related to each citizen, including fingerprint. They also serve as a substitute for passports to travel to countries with which Turkey has a visa exemption agreement.