Turkey, fight in parliament

New fight between members of the Turkish parliament

Deputies from the opposition CHP party and the nationalist MHP got into a fierce discussion that ended with fists, amid tensions over the CHP maneuvers to delay a vote.

Tensions broke out in the Turkish parliament on Tuesday between deputies from two opposition parties and ended in a fistfight in which several parliamentarians had to intervene to separate members of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) -main opposition party- and the National Movement Party (MHP), an ally of the AKP of President Tayyip Erdoğan.

The first tensions began when the CHP deputies tried to hinder the voting session on a proposal for a law referring to the Bekçi (Neighbourhood Guard), a regular figure until the 1980s that was reintroduced in 2017 to fight crime.

In this way, the CHP intended to protest the withdrawal last week of the status of deputy to the CHP parliamentarian Enis Berberoğlu, after he was firmly sentenced to almost 6 years in prison by the Supreme Court of Appeals for leaking State secrets during the so-called case of the “trucks of the MİT” (secret services of Turkey).

With its action, the CHP managed to make a voting session that should last 45 minutes to last three and a half hours, and the atmosphere heated up as the deputies engaged in a discussion about whether or not a bekçi should bear weapons and resort to the use of force when necessary.

The president of the parliamentary group of the CHP then accused the MHP deputies of not letting him speak, and the tension and tone of voice rose until, in a short time, they led to a fistfight in which the nationalist deputy Olcay Kılavuz punched Özel and Ulaş Karasu, another CHP deputy. Only after several minutes and the intervention of other deputies, this new fight in the Turkish parliament could be stopped.