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New buildings in Turkey to be required to have parking lots

A new regulation requires the construction of a minimum of parking lots depending on the number and size of the apartments.

The Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning is now finalising the approval of a new regulation that will make the construction of parking lots for vehicles mandatory in new buildings built from April on, depending on the size of the apartments.

According to the new regulations, which are scheduled to come into effect on March 31, for every 3 flats smaller than 80 square metres and for every 2 flats between 80 and 120 square metres, it will be mandatory to enable at least one parking lot; each flat between 120 and 180 square metres will also have its own parking lot, and each flat larger than 180 square metres will have at least two parking lots.

On the other hand, until now the regulation required to build parking areas in the basements of the building; however, with the changes introduced in the law, the constructor is allowed to create the parking lots in alternative areas, such as courtyards.

In addition, for 3- or 4-storey buildings with flats smaller than 120 square metres, residents now can choose to park their vehicles in a nearby car parking by virtue of a special arrangement. Also with the approval of the resident neighbours, the walls that separate courtyards of different buildings may be demolished to create common parking spaces.

Up to 5% of the parking lots will be reserved for electric cars

The new regulations also authorise the constructor to create parking areas separated from the building if the land available to build is not large enough to create parking lots in it; this will allow constructors to search nearby land to create the necessary parking lots there, which will be included as part of the property.

In addition to forcing newly buildings to have parking lots for vehicles, the new regulations that will come into force on March 31st establishes that new buildings that require at least 20 parking lots must reserve until 1 January 2023 a minimum of 2% of the lots to electric cars, and from that date at least 5%.