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Near 1,900 people have died this year in traffic accidents

Between January and October this year, more than 300,000 traffic accidents were recorded in Turkey. 202 people lost their lives in October.

Almost 1,900 people – specifically 1,883 – have died this year between January and October, and another 196,000 have been injured, as a result of traffic accidents occurred in the first ten months of October in Turkey, according to the most recent data from the General Directorate of security.

In total, during the first 10 months of 2020 there were 306,559 accidents on Turkish roads, 1,629 of them with fatalities. Despite being bad data, they are slightly better than those of the same period of 2019 – when 2,157 people died – although we must take into account the reduction in displacements that has been registered this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Of the total accidents registered between January and October 2020, 242,000 took place in unpopulated areas, and another 65,000 in inhabited areas; in addition, some 133,000 accidents were caused by driver errors, and in another 11,000 the fault was attributed to pedestrians.

Another 760 accidents were attributed to the poor condition of the road, while in 2,220 cases the blame for the accidents was attributed to the passengers of the vehicle; furthermore, some 4,100 accidents were caused by mechanical failures in the vehicles, and some 53,000 were caused by speeding. Of the total traffic accidents between January and October, 104,000 involved passenger cars, 34,000 motorcycles, 31,000 trucks, and 7,000 bicycles.

202 people lost their lives in accidents in October

Last October, 202 people lost their lives in Turkey as a result of accidents on the road, and more than 22,000 were injured during the 34,146 accidents registered that month.

About 5,500 people died and more than 280,000 were injured in 2019 in Turkey as a result of traffic accidents, 1,200 fewer than in 2018; in the last 10 years, the year with the highest number of fatalities took place in 2015, when 7,500 deaths were registered on Turkish roads. In total, the Turkish automobile fleet is made up of 24 million vehicles.