Turkey, traffic accidents

More than 2,400 people died in 2021 in traffic accidents

To this tragic figure, which only includes those killed at the accident site, must be added 277,000 injured.

2,422 people died in 2021 in road accidents across Turkey, according to recent data released by the traffic department of the General Security Directorate: a grim figure that only includes those killed at the scene of the accident, and to which, in addition, we must add some 277,000 injured with different consequences.

Statistics show that last year more than 430,000 accidents were recorded on Turkish roads, of which 2,032 resulted in deaths; some 339,000 occurred in populated areas, while the rest – some 92,000 – took place in uninhabited areas.

The data indicates that some 195,000 accidents were caused by driver errors, while in another 18,000 the fault fell on pedestrians; some 1,000 accidents were caused by the poor state of the road, while in another 3,900 the fault was due to passengers.

Besides, in another 5,700 accidents the main factor was a technical failure of the vehicle. Ultimately, bad weather, traffic conditions, or speeding caused some 73,000 accidents.

In addition to referring to those killed by traffic accidents in 2021, the report adds that some 19.5 million traffic tickets were issued last year, of which 3.8 million were for drivers, and about 4,700 for pedestrians.