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More than 2 million tourists travelled to Antalya during the pandemic

Russians, Ukrainians, British and Germans have been the main tourists to travel to Antalya, where hotel occupancy reached 70%.

More than 2 million tourists chose Antalya as a destination to travel on vacation despite the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to the safe tourism certification program, launched in Turkey and which certifies that hotels, restaurants and other tourist establishments comply with security measures for customers and employees.

Kaan Kavaloğlu, vice president of the Association of Mediterranean Tourist Hoteliers (AKTOB), explained to media that they are making a great effort to keep hotels open during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It is not easy to adapt to the situation during the pandemic, as a businessman and as an employee,” he stressed.

“Our occupancy rates are between 50 and 70%. The rate was 70% in August, it is 55% now in September, and it will be 40% in November,” Kavaloğlu said. “I believe that by the end of the year we will exceed 3.2 million tourists. Most of our visitors come from Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Germany. There have been many British in August, and now in September we have many German tourists,” he added .

For his part, Cem Kınay, member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Tourism and Development Agency, also highlighted the success that Turkey has had in keeping the tourism industry alive during the pandemic in destinations such as Antalya. “Turkey is a beloved destination in all markets. Turkey has been one of the few countries that has established safe tourism despite the coronavirus pandemic,” he insisted.