Antalya, tourists on the beach

More than 13 million foreign tourists visited Antalya in 2022

Russians, Germans and British lead the ranking of foreigners who choose Antalya for their holidays in Turkey.

Some 13.4 million foreign tourists visited Antalya – one of the best sun and beach destinations in Turkey – during the recently ended 2022: that is, 48% more than during 2021; and this, despite the drop in visits by Russian tourists due to the war in Ukraine.

In statements to Turkish media, the governor of the province of Antalya, Ersin Yazıcı, explained that the number of foreign tourists who visited Antalya in 2022 exceeds the sum of tourists in 2020 and 2021 (in the midst of a decline in world tourism due to the pandemic), adding that in terms of air arrivals, 2022 was second only to 2019, a record year for tourism in Turkey, when Antalya welcomed 15.64 million tourists.

Due to the pandemic, only 3.4 million foreign tourists visited this resort on the Turkish Mediterranean coast in 2020, while in 2021 the number grew to just over 9 million. Even so, Turkey continued to receive foreign tourists thanks to the Safe Tourism Certificate program, Yazıcı said.

In December alone, visits to Antalya increased by 52% over the same month in 2021, reaching 228,000 foreign tourists, the highest number recorded for a month of December to date. Even so, the governor recalled the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine, adding that while in 2021 up to 1.5 million Ukrainians spent their holidays in Antalya, in 2022 the number has been reduced to practically zero.

Regarding Russian tourists, they are still the largest source of foreign tourism in Antalya, with 23.6% of the total. In 2022, about 3 million tourists from Russia traveled to Antalya; they were followed by Germans (2.8 million), British (1.15 million), Poles (765,000) and Dutch (443,000). “Antalya attracted more tourists from the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands in 2022 than in previous years,” said the governor.