Turkey, monolith near Göbeklitepe

Monolith that appeared days ago in Göbeklitepe, Turkey, disappears

Local people still do not explain who and how has brought the monolith. Theories range from a UFO phenomenon to a Turkish series promo.

The metal monolith that mysteriously appeared last Friday in Göbeklitepe (Turkey), declared a World Heritage Site and considered the oldest sanctuary built by mankind, has disappeared as strangely as it emerged just 4 days after the inhabitants of this area of ​​Şanlıurfa province alerted the authorities about its appearance.

The population of this rural area of ​​southeastern Turkey continues amazed as all kinds of theories emerge about the strange event. As inexplicably as it appeared in the middle of nowhere and without anyone seeing it, the inhabitants of the place woke up today with the same questions as the day that the strange monolith – similar to those that appeared all over the world – emerged in their lands: ¿Who has put it, and how did it get there?

It was on February 5 when several locals alerted the gendarmes about the presence of a mysterious metal object on the outskirts of Örencik, a modest town just 3 kilometres from Göbeklitepe. The gendarmes quickly moved to the place, where they found a monolith 3 meters high by one meter wide with strange characters engraved on it.

After cordoning off the object to prevent onlookers who came to visit it, the authorities called in language experts who identified the symbols engraved on the object as a text from the ancient language of the Göktürk, a nomadic Turkish people who inhabited the steppes north of China 1,500 years ago. The text engraved on the monolith would translate as “If you want to see the Moon, look at the sky”: a message as intriguing as the object itself.

Theories range from an alien phenomenon to a Netflix campaign

Speaking to Turkish media, Fuat Demirdil, the owner of the land where the monolith appeared, confessed today that he is as surprised by the way the object has disappeared as he is by the way it appeared days ago. “I don’t know the reason, I think it could be something related to a promotional campaign. But we are not sure,” he said.

The truth is that the appearance of the strange monolith, similar to the one that was seen for the first time in Utah (USA) in November 2020, has been a shock to the region, and curious people from all over Turkey have travelled these days to see it in person. The theories about its origin are diverse: from a strange UFO phenomenon or the work of an artist, to nothing more than a Netflix marketing campaign for the Turkish series “Atiye”, set precisely in Göbeklitepe.