Istanbul, the Bosphorus

Mine from the war in Ukraine spotted in the Bosphorus

Turkish authorities have issued an alert to ships near the Bosphorus in Istanbul for the presence of a drifting mine.

Turkish authorities have issued an alert for the presence of a mine from the war in Ukraine a few kilometres north of Istanbul, in the waters of the Bosphorus Strait, a vital sea lane for international maritime traffic.

Teams of divers from the Turkish Coast Guard, supported by boats and helicopters, inspected and secured the mine to later begin work to deactivate the device, after fishermen alerted the coast guard this morning of the presence of “an object similar to a mine” near a mooring area in the upper reaches of the Bosphorus Strait, near the mouth of the Black Sea, according to the Turkish Defence Ministry.

Information published by the Turkish newspaper Milliyet noted that the Turkish authorities issued a radio alert to all ships in the area, warning that the object “was round in shape with protrusions similar to horns” and that “it is probably a mine”, and instructed all ships to stay away from the sector where the mine had been detected.

This alert situation for the presence of a war mine in the Bosphorus comes just days after Russia warned that several sea mines located in Ukrainian ports had come loose from their fixing cables and were adrift in Black Sea waters, which bathes the coasts – among other countries – of Turkey, Ukraine and Russia.