Ankara, mural painted by Mexican artist

Mexican artist Kathrina Rupit painted a giant mural in Ankara

Mexican artist Kathrina Rupit painted a gigantic 20-meter-high mural titled “Blossom” on a building facade in the Turkish capital.

A giant mural painted by the Mexican artist Kathrina Rupit was unveiled this week in the Turkish capital, Ankara, thanks to a project jointly promoted by the Mexican embassy in Turkey and the Çankaya district city hall, and which has converted the facades of the city on a gigantic canvas.

The 20-meter-high mural, which occupies the entire façade of a residential building located at 84 Güvenlik Avenue in Ankara, was inaugurated on Monday under the title “Blossom” during a ceremony attended by the Mexican ambassador in the country, José Luis Martínez y Hernández, and the vice mayor of the Çankaya district, Gülsün Bor Güner, as well as representatives of other embassies in the Turkish capital.

Born in Mexico but living in Ireland, Kathrina Rupit (alias KinMx) shared the photos of her work on her Instagram account, where she also praised and thanked for the support received during the realisation of her work, the first of its kind made by a Mexican in Turkey. Rupit has been painting murals for more than 10 years that can be found in the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, India, Portugal, France or Mexico.

Ankara, thank you very much for this opportunity, for the beautiful people that I met on my way, for the adventure and the honor of being part of your walls, now you have a special place in my heart,” she wrote on her profile in the social network. Speaking to the media, Rupit said that her work is a mixture of the ancient and the modern.

The inauguration of this giant mural in Ankara coincided with the opening of an exhibition in the capital that under the title “Roots” presents several works by this Mexican artist. Also organised by the Mexican embassy in Turkey, the exhibition is located at the Portakal Çiçeği Residence and will be open to the public until May 18.