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Memory loss, one of the consequences of the coronavirus

Experts are increasingly detecting long-term effects of the coronavirus in patients who have suffered from the COVID-19 disease.

People who have been infected by the coronavirus may suffer memory loss, even of a serious nature, as a consequence, a Turkish expert has warned when talking about the possible effects of COVID-19 in the long term, which do not include only problems in the respiratory or circulatory systems.

Sibel Velioğlu, a specialist in neurology at the Black Sea Technical University (KTÜ), explained in statements to Turkish press that the long-term side effects of the virus are still beginning to be identified after two years of pandemic; one of these recently identified effects is memory loss, which according to this expert is being detected in almost 20% of patients who have suffered from the COVID-19 disease, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“We see this problem in 10 to 20% of our patients who have had COVID-19. The World Health Organization has also recently drawn attention to the problem, as more and more patients complain that they forget things,” Velioğlu said.

“This problem appears about three months after COVID-19, and continues for at least two more months. In other words, the post-COVID effects are mild but long-lasting, affecting the person’s ability to perform daily activities and return to work,” said the Turkish neurologist.

Finally, Velioğlu pointed out that, although some studies have linked the appearance of memory loss to the severity of COVID-19 in the patient, their age, or even their gender, most experts agree that the prolongation of the side effects of the coronavirus in patients is not linked to any of these factors, nor to the fact of suffering from other chronic diseases. “This means that these side effects can appear in any patient,” she warned.