Turkey, man detained for the assassination of Haiti's President

Man wanted for the assassination of Haiti’s president, arrested in Turkey

The suspect, implicated in the plot to assassinate the president of Haiti, was detained by Turkish police at the Istanbul airport.

Turkey‘s authorities have arrested a man who was being wanted for his involvement in the assassination on July 7 of the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise; the individual, a businessman who carried several passports, is in an Istanbul jail with a temporary custody order of 40 days, according to Turkish media.

The suspect now arrested answers to the name of Samir Handal, and a search and arrest warrant by Interpol weighed against him; according to the Turkish news agency Anatolia, the man arrived at the Istanbul airport on a transit flight from the United States to Jordan, carrying a Palestinian and a Jordanian passport.

It was the airport police who identified him early yesterday at a checkpoint and detained him, subsequently issuing the Turkish Ministry of Justice a temporary custody order for 40 days, which the detainee would be serving in Maltepe prison, at outskirts of Istanbul. Haitian Foreign Minister Claude Joseph himself confirmed on Twitter that he had spoken with his Turkish counterpart, although he did not offer further details, or whether Haiti will request his extradition.

The now detained in Turkey, Samir Handal, is a suspect in the plot that culminated in the assassination of the President of Haiti at his private residence, an attack in which his wife was injured and for which more than 40 people have been detained so far, including 18 former Colombian soldiers and several Haitian policemen. The assassination further aggravated the instability of the Caribbean country, which has not yet recovered from the earthquake that killed more than 2,200 people in August, and which is plunged into a spiral of violence and economic crisis.