Turkish series, Yemin "The Promise"

Man denounces harassment after his phone appeared in a Turkish series

The victim, who demands compensation, is harassed by Turkish series female fans who send him messages and photos.

A man residing in the Turkish province of Ordu has filed a lawsuit in court for harassment against the producer of a Turkish series, after his real phone number appeared without his consent in an episode of the Turkish soap opera, causing him to constantly receive messages, calls and photos of fans of the series, some quite risque.

They think I am the character in the television series, and they keep sending me inappropriate messages and photos day and night,” explains the complainant, identified only as Erol D., 59 years old, who is asking for compensation of 15,000 Turkish liras – about 1,600 euros – to the producer for the “emotional damage” he has suffered.

As explained in the lawsuit, the events were unleashed as a result of an episode of the Turkish series Yemin (The Promise), shot in Istanbul and starring Özge Yağız and Gökberk Demirci; a scene appeared in which one of the characters, a young woman named Cemre (Turkish actress Ceyda Olguner) makes a phone call: the number briefly shown in the scene turns out to be Erol’s in real life, even though he never gave his consent.

Apparently shortly after the episode aired, a fan of the series in Morocco took a screenshot of the scene in which that phone number appears and posted it on social media, quickly going viral and reaching a huge spread among the followers of Turkish series, who began to call and send messages to that number believing that it really corresponds to the male protagonist of the series.

Anxiety and marital problems since the broadcasting of the episode

“I didn’t know anything about the series. After inappropriate messages and photos began to arrive on my phone, the problems with my wife began,” explains Erol, who says that his wife felt uncomfortable seeing that her husband received risque messages and photographs from unknown women.

According to his lawyer, followers of the series in Morocco do not stop bothering the affected person 24 hours a day, causing him anxiety and marital problems, and making impossible for him to use his phone. “It is illegal to publish someone’s phone number in an international broadcast without the person’s permission,” recalls the lawyer, who asks for compensation for his client.

“The Promise” is a Turkish series that has been broadcast in Turkey since February 2019 and has been exported to various countries around the world. With 3 seasons and 270 episodes to date, it tells the story of a wealthy family who wants their son Emir (Gökberk Demirci) to get married. Two young women, Cemre (Ceyda Olguner) and Reyhan (Özge Yağız) will dispute the love of Emir from then on.