Istanbul, man commits suicide at the airport

Man commits suicide at Istanbul Airport

The victim, a foreign national, suddenly jumped into the void in front of his wife and children after entering the departures terminal.

A man of foreign nationality committed suicide at Istanbul Airport by jumping into the void from the domestic departures terminal, several Turkish media reported today, for reasons that are still being investigated.

The tragic event occurred at noon yesterday in front of gate No. 2 of the departures terminal for domestic flights; the man, a Liberian national and identified as A.S.K., apparently arrived at the airport in a taxi accompanied by his wife and children to take a plane back to his country, when suddenly and in front of his family, he took a few steps and jumped from a height of 25 meters, dying on the spot when he hit the concrete.

The police cordoned off the area of ​​the incident and the victim’s body was transferred to a forensic institute to be examined. There, in a first examination, forensics detected the presence of drugs in the passenger’s stomach, for which reason teams from the Istanbul Police Department’s Narcotics Unit have taken charge of the investigation, which is still ongoing and will try to clarify by why the deceased wanted to commit suicide.

According to the information that has been published, the man who committed suicide at the Istanbul Airport was carrying a diplomatic passport, although it is still unknown why he was carrying it and how he was able to obtain it. The Liberian press has reported that A.S.K. worked as an economist at the West African Monetary Agency (WAMA), a specialized agency of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).