Turkey's coast guard, rescue in the sea

Jumps into the sea to avoid paying the bill in a Turkish restaurant

The man, under the influence of alcohol and using a false name, was intercepted 3 km away from the coast. Hours later he starred in another fight and a police chase that ended in his arrest.

A drunken man starred in a curious incident in the Turkish resort of Kuşadası, located on the Aegean coast, after refusing to pay a high bill at a Turkish restaurant and escaping by jumping into the sea.

According to Turkish media, the individual, who identified himself in the restaurant with the false name of Fatih, decided to eat in a luxurious restaurant in the city but when he asked for the account, he found that it amounted to 330 liras (just over 40 euros); seeing the amount, he refused to pay the bill, arguing that it was excessive, and began a discussion with staff.

After a brief altercation with the waiters of the restaurant, located on the Kuşadası coast, the man -later identified by his real name, Zafer- chose to escape from the place, and found no better way to get this than jumping into the sea and starting to swim towards the nearby Greek island of Samos, located 27 kilometres away.

The restaurant staff then decided to call the police and the coast guard, who finally located him 3 kilometres away from the coast, still under the influence of alcohol. After not a few difficulties, the coastguards managed to get him on the boat and take him ashore, where he was interrogated and later released, as the restaurant did not press charges.

5 hours later he starred in a police chase

This same individual, about 5 hours after jumping into the sea to avoid paying his bill at the restaurant, starred in another incident in which, after arguing and hitting taxi drivers, he escaped on a taxi and starred in a reckless chase through the city, ramming the entrance of a hotel to escape the police. It finally caught him and -again under the influence of alcohol- transferred him to the police station.