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Istanbul taxi users will be able to rate taxi drivers

Taxi drivers in Istanbul have decided to copy the driver scoring system used by Uber, which months ago stopped operating in Turkey.

After having managed to win their eternal battle against Uber in Turkey, Istanbul taxis have decided to copy some aspects of their former competitors, especially in relation to the driver scoring system, which will allow users to rate taxi drivers according to their service and driving behaviour.

Eyüp Aksu, president of one of the local taxi driver associations, announced a few days ago to the media that passengers in Istanbul taxis will be able to rate taxi drivers through a mobile application, with which they can rate factors such as their appearance, the hygiene of the vehicle or the way they drive.

Taxi drivers -especially those from Istanbul- have been at the centre of several controversies in recent years in Turkey; from those who were reported or even recorded by hidden cameras charging a price much higher than usual to tourists, to those who were reported for harassment or inappropriate behaviour with passengers. Some also choose passengers based on their route or nationality.

As Aksu said to the media, the application that is being developed for Istanbul taxis will allow to evaluate taxi drivers and thus “improve the services offered by taxis.” “We want the good examples to multiply in this sector,” stressed the union representative, explaining that the app will show those drivers with the highest scores, allowing customers to choose them when hiring a service.

Uber, before it ceased its activity in Turkey by court order, used a very similar system for users to evaluate their drivers. Despite having eliminated their main competition, Istanbul taxi drivers now face a new problem: the coronavirus pandemic has reduced taxis revenues by up to 60%, and they have asked the government for help in the form of a reduction of taxes.