Istanbul, electric scooter fined

Istanbul slows down the speed of electric scooters

Following a series of fatal accidents involving electric scooters, the speed limit in Istanbul has been reduced to 20 km/h.

Istanbul authorities have reduced the maximum legal speed limit at which electric scooters can circulate as a result of the increase in accidents – some of them fatal – in which these new transport devices have been involved, since they are becoming more and more usual to travel short distances in cities.

Following the death of two students in Antalya in an accident with an electric scooter earlier this year, and other similar accidents that occurred earlier in the same city of Istanbul, authorities have been studying new measures to regulate the use of these devices, including the prohibition of use by children under 15 years and also banning carrying passengers (something that is not always complied with) or large packages, as well as driving on sidewalks.

The latest measure approved by the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), after a meeting held with officials from the Istanbul Metropolitan City Council (İBB), has been to reduce the maximum legal speed at which e-scooters can circulate in Istanbul, which from the previous 25 km/h is now reduced to 20 km/h.