Vehicules stuck in traffic in Istanbul

Istanbul is the 4th city with the worst traffic in the world

A study places Istanbul among the cities with the worst traffic in the world, just behind Bogotá, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City. An inhabitant of Istanbul spends more than 6 days a year in traffic jams.

Traffic in Istanbul is bad, and this is something that anyone in this metropolis with more than 15 million inhabitants knows; what many do not probably know is that, according to a recent study, this city is the 4th in the world that suffers more traffic jams, only behind Bogota, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City.

This is what is said in the latest ranking of the most congested cities in the world, published on Monday by the international consultancy INRIX, which analyses more than 900 cities around the planet, and which places Istanbul in the Top 5 “due to its large population and its serious traffic jams”. Bogota (Colombia), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico), Istanbul (Turkey) and Sao Paulo (Brazil) form the group of the 5 cities with the worst traffic in the world.

The report prepared each year by INRIX, which takes into account several parameters to prepare the ranking, indicates that each inhabitant of Istanbul spent an average 153 hours stuck in traffic jams during 2019, being the 8th worst city in the world taking into account only this parameter: it is also 6% more of the hours of traffic jams suffered by the people of Istanbul in 2018, so the general picture is not very promising.

In addition, the average speed of a driver in the centre of Istanbul during rush hour does not reach 20 kilometres per hour (17.7, to be exact); and if we think about public transport or even taking the bicycle as an alternative… we must know that, due to traffic, the study warns that in this city this option can take up to twice the time we would need going by car.