Istanbul, female metro drivers

Istanbul City Council hires 88 female metro drivers

With the new women hired, the number of female drivers in the Istanbul metro has multiplied by 9, from just 11 to 99.

Metro Istanbul, the company that manages the metro lines in Istanbul, has announced the hiring of 88 female drivers, which goes from just 11 in the entire suburban network of the Turkish metropolis to 99, thus multiplying their number by 9.

After completing their training, the new metro drivers received their badges on Thursday during a ceremony presided over by the city’s metropolitan mayor, Ekrem Imamoğlu, who noted that the total number of metro drivers in Istanbul is 772.

The drivers had to go through a 368-hour training course – in part carried out online due to the current coronavirus pandemic – during which they conducted subway convoy driving practices for 17 hours.

The Istanbul metro company opted this year to increase the percentage of female workers in its workforce, deciding to hire 93 women. If one takes into account that in 2019 Metro Istanbul only had 4 female drivers, their number has practically increased by 25 times.