Coronavirus COVID-19 en China

Iran confirms its first two cases of deaths from the Chinese coronavirus

There are already three countries in the Middle East infected by the coronavirus, called COVID-19, while worldwide infections exceed 75,000, mostly in the territory of China.

Iran confirmed on Wednesday its first two cases of deaths from the coronavirus, becoming the third country in the Middle East to confirm the spread of the new disease after the 9 cases detected in the Arab Emirates and after it was also recently confirmed in Egypt, although in none of these deaths had been reported so far.

“Following our promise to announce any confirmed case, a few minutes ago the Health Minister confirmed the two cases of coronavirus in the city of Qom,” Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei announced on Twitter referring to the holy city located 150 kilometres away south of the capital, Tehran.

Earlier, the Iranian Ministry of Health had already announced that there were two suspected cases of carrying the new virus that could prove positive, although it had been cautious waiting for them to be confirmed by tests on the presence of the so-called COVID-19. Both patients, who died from respiratory complications and whose nationality has not been disclosed (although it is suspected that they might be Iranians), had been confined to quarantine.

With these new cases confirmed in Iran, there are more than 2,000 deaths worldwide and 75,284 patients infected with the coronavirus, the vast majority in China. However, it should be noted that at the same time there are more than 15,000 patients who have been discharged, to which it should be added that the number of new infected has fallen for the 2nd consecutive day in China thanks to the new quarantine measures imposed in Wuhan, focus of the infection.