Istanbul's Grand Bazaar closed due to coronavirus

Gold and jewelery stolen from a shop in the Istanbul Grand Bazaar during quarantine

The thieves got off the roof of the Grand Bazaar, closed for a week due to the coronavirus quarantine, and entered a jewelry store before being caught by the police.

Several thieves entered the historic Grand Bazaar in Istanbul early Monday morning, which has been completely closed to tourists and visitors for a week due to the coronavirus outbreak in Turkey, where they robbed a jewellery store and took a large amount of gold.

According to the Turkish press, the incident took place around 2:00 in the morning on Kuyumcular Street, located in the heart of the Grand Bazaar; security cameras caught the thieves hanging down from the roof with the help of a rope and breaking into a jewellery store, where they stole a large quantity of gold that they put in a bag.

Upon noticing their presence, the security guards alerted the police and immediately went to the scene, where they surprised the thieves, who were trying to escape through the roof again, just as they had entered. When they were surprised, the thieves fled and abandoned the bag, in which, in addition to numerous gold jewels, the recording device of a security camera was found.

The Turkish police is now investigating the identity of the assailants, who are in the process of searching and capturing. The Istanbul Grand Bazaar was closed a week ago due to the coronavirus pandemic and amid restrictions and quarantine measures decreed by the Turkish government to curb COVID-19, which to date has already caused 9,217 infections in Turkey and caused the death of 131 people.