Antalya, Kaputaş beach in summer

Germany gives green light to ”safe” tourism in Turkey

Germany has given its citizens the green light to travel to sun and beach tourism destinations on Turkey.

Turkish authorities have welcomed Germany‘s decision to partially lift the ban on tourism in the Eurasian country, now recommending as safe destinations against the coronavirus such touristy places as Antalya, İzmir, Muğla and Aydın, located on the Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coast.

“Obviously, this is a decision that comes late, but it is a decision that was expected as a sector, and that makes us happy. It will have a positive impact on the tourism sector in Turkey,” declared the president of the Association of Turkish Hotels (TÜROB), Müberra Eresin, highlighting that this decision has raised morale in a sector, that has been one of the most affected by the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Eresin believes that the decision taken by Germany on tourism in Turkey will have a strong influence on other countries, especially the EU, and underlined the important measures taken by the Turkish tourism sector to limit the risk of contagion, unmatched in Europe.

“All tourism services, such as hotels, restaurants, agencies and buses, have received certificates that they comply with the security measures and standards under the Safe Tourism Certification Program,” said Eresin in reference to the program launched by the Ministries of Foreign, Tourism and Transport of Turkey, which certifies that a place complies with a series of safety and health measures for customers and employees.

Germany considers Turkey a safe tourist destination

This certification is issued by international institutions and validates that strict health and hygiene protocols have been carried out, both in means of transport – airlines, airports, buses, stations, etc. – as well as in accommodation and other places (restaurants, cafes, pubs …).

Ülkay Atmaca, President of the Professional Association of Hotel Managers of Turkey (POYD), also highlighted the importance of this decision taking into account the key role that Germany plays in the Turkish tourism sector. “This decision, taken after the United Kingdom and Russia, although late, is very important for us. With a rapid recovery, we hope to be able to host a large number of German tourists,” he said.

The fact is that the tourism sector in Turkey has welcomed with joy and enthusiasm the decision announced this week by Germany to give its citizens the green light to travel to the most important sun and beach destinations in the country. Berlin considers Antalya, Izmir, Muğla and Aydın to be safe destinations for its citizens, given that in the last week there has only been an incidence of 5 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants.