George Clooney, Hollywood actor

George Clooney will not appear in Turkish Airlines ads

Turkish Airlines denies that it was seeking an agreement with George Clooney to pay him $35 million for just one day of work in an advertisement.

Turkish Airlines has flatly denied that the famous American actor George Clooney will star in future advertising campaigns of the airline, after foreign press published information suggesting a possible agreement between the Hollywood star and the company.

Speaking to media, İlker Aycı, president of the Turkish state airline, assured that in no way has there been any attempt by the company to contact Clooney. “I personally admire him, but we have made absolutely no attempts to have him appear in an advertisement,” Aycı said.

“Like Turkish Airlines, we are an award-winning airline with agreements with many important advertising stars or with well-known faces from around the world,” added the president of the airline, adding however that in no way would they consider paying the astronomical amount that the actor has spoken of, and that Aycı considered that give “a bad example”.

Clooney turned down a $35 million offer for an ad

Aycı was referring to the information published by the British press, after recently, in an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Clooney claimed to have received an offer of 35 million dollars for a single day of work to shoot an advertisement for an airline, which however the Hollywood star claimed to have rejected.

Although Clooney did not reveal the name of the airline that had proposed such a deal, the actor explained to the British newspaper that, after discussing the matter with his wife Amal Clooney – a well-known human rights lawyer – he decided to reject the money because the airline belonged to a country that was an “ally” of the United States, but whose actions were “questionable.”

The reference to an “allied” country led some media to suggest that the country could be Turkey and that the company in question was Turkish Airlines. However, its president insists that there was never such an agreement. “Companies like ours do not negotiate like this. We have never been formally interested in the George Clooney name, and we have never made such an offer,” Aycı concluded. In the past, other stars such as Ben Affleck, Kobe Bryant or Kevin Costner have appeared in ads for Turkish Airlines.