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From now, tourists from 11 European countries do not need a visa for Turkey

Starting from today, tourists from Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Croatia, Holland, Ireland, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Spain can travel to Turkey and stay up to 90 days without a visa.

As of March 2, citizens of 11 European countries wishing to travel to Turkey will no longer need a visa to enter the country for tourism, after this Monday the presidential decree on visa exemption has entered into force, which will also apply to British tourists.

The decree establishes that as of March 2th, 2020, tourists from Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland), Croatia, Holland, Ireland, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Spain may remain in Turkey without needing to apply for a tourist visa as before. The period of stay will be a maximum of 90 days within 180 days from its entry into Turkish territory.

Tourists from 78 countries around the world can travel to Turkey without a visa, including many Europeans; formerly Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and Finland already enjoyed the tourist visa exemption to enter Turkish territory; however, for the vast majority of Turkish citizens, travelling to an EU country still requires a long and expensive process, and visa liberalisation negotiations have been stalled for years.