Turkish police, crime scene

For the 1st time in history, Turkish police solved all murders

Thanks to new advances in forensic investigation, Turkish police was able to solve all the murders and crimes committed in 2021.

For the first time in 177 years of history, Turkish national police department solved all the murders and homicides that occurred during 2021, which totalled nearly 1,500 cases during the past year, according to information published in the Turkish newspaper Sabah.

According to data provided by the Turkish Police Public Order Department, a total of 1,487 murder cases were solved across the country throughout 2021, including 296 in Istanbul, 92 in Ankara, 92 in İzmir, 82 in Adana, 54 in Gaziantep, 51 in Bursa and 50 in Diyarbakır, to which must be added another 143 cases from other years that could be resolved in 2021.

Since forensic investigation teams were established as separate units within police in 1996, the Turkish police’s homicide and crime resolution rate has improved markedly in recent years, together with the addition of new tools and technologies to forensic science.

Speaking to the Turkish newspaper, Fatih Sevgen, head of the Central Department of Public Order of the Turkish police, pointed out that throughout 2021 some 3,820 suspects had been arrested, of which 2,167 remanded in custody; in addition, a total of 473 pistols, 176 rifles and other objects used in crimes and murders were confiscated.

Sevgen attributes this success to the training that Turkish police receive regularly to keep up with the latest advances and techniques in solving murders: “We have new technologies and software, such as facial recognition, to help with investigations; and a fully integrated fingerprint database available to all units of the National Police Department,” he explained.