Istanbul, skyscrapers covered by fog

Fog paralyses shipping traffic in Istanbul

Dense fog that covered Istanbul from early morning on 29 February forced the cancellation or delay of ferry services connecting the Asian and European sides of the city and the suspension of shipping traffic in both directions along the Bosphorus Strait, which separates Asia from Europe.

The phenomenon also caused the cancellation of numerous flights, mainly at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport on the Asian side of Istanbul, where there was a reduction of at least 10% in the number of planes taking off and landing on its facilities. Turkish low-cost airline Pegasus said in a statement that at least 18 of its flights to and from the airport were cancelled.

The fog particularly affected the northern districts of Istanbul and the mouth of the Bosphorus at the Black Sea, where the third Bosphorus bridge – the so-called Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge – was practically covered by a sea of clouds, leaving spectacular images. The density of the fog began to decrease after midday, allowing shipping traffic to resume along the Strait.