Linet, Turkish-Israeli singer

Famous Turkish singer confesses that she is an Israeli deserter

Linet, a pop singer based in Turkey but born in Israel, has acknowledged that she fled her country to avoid military service.

Linet, a famous Turkish pop and oriental music singer born in Israel, has surprised everyone by confessing that she is a deserter from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF, name of the Israeli army) during an event organised with her fans in Istanbul.

The singer made this confession during a small concert offered in the Turkish metropolis for a group of Israeli fans who travelled to Turkey by plane. Recalling that she herself was born and raised in Israel, Linet explained that she lived in that country until she reached an age when she concluded that she did not want to do mandatory military service, so she had to flee from Israel.

“When I finished high school, they told me ‘it’s time to do my military service.’ So I came to Turkey. By the way, I am a defector. I said to myself ‘no matter what happens, I will stay in Turkey, and I will die in Turkey,” said the artist, explaining that she only served in the Israeli army for 3 months before escaping to Turkey, where she stayed definitely.

The IDF is one of the few armies in the Western world where women are required by law to perform military service, having to serve in the Israeli armed forces for a period of 24 months. Despite her open confession of being a deserter from the Israeli army, the name of this famous Turkish-Israeli singer has been shuffled as a candidate to participate in this year’s edition of the Israeli version of Factor X, where the representative of Israel for Eurovision 2022 will be chosen.