Hande Yener, Turkish singer

Famous Turkish singer announces that she suffered from breast cancer

Pop music star Hande Yener wants to give hope to other women with cancer, and recommends regular medical checkups.

Famous Turkish singer Hande Yener, Turkish pop music star, announced this week that she was diagnosed last year with breast cancer, a disease that she managed to overcome after undergoing surgery and treatment, and that she has wanted to talk about now so that her story will serve other women.

In statements collected by Turkish press, Yener, 48, explained that it was while sitting at home one day when she noticed a strange mass in her chest, so she decided to go to the hospital to undergo a medical check-up, where they confirmed that it was a malignant tumor. “Upon examining myself, I suspected and went to the hospital. I heard my doctor say ‘disaster’… and then I felt devastated,” says the artist.

I thought I was going to die. Throughout this process, I learned that an early diagnosis saves lives. Every 6 months, I celebrate being alive. Every time a medical report says that I am ‘clean’, we celebrate it with screams in my house,” says Yener after having overcome the disease.

During the year that her treatment lasted, she confesses that she even went on stage for a performance after having undergone a surgical operation that lasted 7 hours to remove the tumor; she performed with a padded vest, so that the public could not see the medical tubes placed on her body, so no one suspected anything about her.

The famous Turkish singer, who claims that this is the first and last time she will speak about what happened, has now wanted to make public that she suffered from breast cancer for two reasons: firstly, to give other women hope that this disease can be beaten; and second, to recommend that all women should have regular check-ups. “I had to tell all this to all the women,” she concluded.