Coronavirus amidst cold and winter

Experts warn that coronavirus survives 10 times more in winter

With the arrival of winter and cold, coronavirus multiplies its survival in air droplets and on surfaces.

Despite the fact that the number of coronavirus cases continues to decline in Turkey and is already below the barrier of 20,000 daily positives, the possibility of the arrival of a new coronavirus strain from the United Kingdom that is 70% more contagious, and specially the cold winter months, has led several experts to warn about the danger that the COVID-19 pandemic still poses.

In statements collected by Turkish media, Professor Ateş Kara, an expert member of the Health Ministry’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Coronavirus, says that the population must increase hygiene and precautionary measures – including the use of a mask, social distance and hands hygiene – during the winter months, because the virus is more active and spreads more.

“The virus usually survives less than a minute in the droplets when people cough; but now (with the arrival of winter) it can survive for 10 minutes“, warns this Turkish expert, adding that in contrast during the summer, with the increase in heat and solar radiation, the virus is inactivated.

“It is not capable of surviving (in summer) even 30 seconds on surfaces exposed to (direct) sunlight. But now, its survival has increased to 5 minutes. In the droplets of our mouth, if they are contaminated with the virus, it can survive for up to 10 minutes. Therefore, we have to be particularly careful about hands hygiene, especially in environments outside our home. Wash your hands with more water and soap, and use sanitiser gel more often.” the professor said.

“Celebrate the New Year only with your family”

Another Turkish expert, associate professor Sema Turan, also warned in recent days about family meetings that are planned for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, for which the government has decreed a national 4-day curfew. “Please celebrate them only with your family members,” said Turan, also a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Coronavirus.

In addition to asking the population to only meet with their most frequent and close contacts with whom they usually live, the expert offered other advises in order to avoid a 3rd wave of the coronavirus pandemic during the winter due to the New Year’s Eve celebrations. “Do not go out into the streets, do not go to crowded places. Do not meet with crowds even at home. If you do, there will be consequences,” she said.