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Erdoğan wants Turkey to be at the forefront in the metaverse

Turkish president announced a digital transformation in Turkey, with investments in new technologies such as the metaverse.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan announced on Monday plans and investments for Turkey to be at the forefront of the metaverse and initiate a digital transformation in Turkey, assuring that the Eurasian country is poised to create its own Silicon Valley.

“I declare that the next period will be a period of digital mobilisation,” Erdoğan said during a speech at a conference on the metaverse. “We are gathered here to talk and discuss the metaverse. It is the first time that something like this has occurred in the world of politics”, highlighted the Turkish president, who assured that the metaverse and other similar platforms will be part of future generations, so Turkey needs young entrepreneurs to keep Turkey in the forefront of these new technologies.

According to the Turkish president, the world is heading towards a new era based on digital technologies, so the Turkish government has a duty to prepare its citizens for this inevitable future. “People who know this world know better than anyone the bad situation the digital world is going through today,” Erdoğan said, stressing that “legality and morality” are often overridden on social media.

“It is the best proof that we need to set our own path” insisted the Turkish president, underlining the need to establish a legal framework for digital platforms. “Given that there is a growing digital economic reality right now, it is not possible to solve this problem without establishing a digital legal order, which all countries agree to accept and respect,” said the Turkish president.

Referring to the advances and transformations in the technological and digital world during his government in Turkey, Erdoğan recalled that the number of mobile phone users in the country has gone from 23 million at the beginning of the century to 83 million today. In this sense, he stressed that during the AKP government in Turkey not only hospitals, schools or roads have been built, but investments have also been promoted to extend access to information and communication technologies (ICT) among all citizens.