Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Erdoğan: ”This pandemic is the biggest crisis since World War II”

The Turkish president underlined that you have to be prepared for the new situations that will arise in the world after the coronavirus pandemic, both in Turkey and in other countries.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a videoconference to his party’s AKP central executive on Tuesday that the coronavirus pandemic constitutes the biggest global crisis since World War II, while asking for reflection on how Turkey and the world will be like after the virus has passed.

“This pandemic, which is basically a health problem, has become the biggest crisis after World War II in terms of economic consequences,” Erdoğan said speaking at distance to the party’s top officials, adding that it is necessary to take into account and analyse the possible repercussions of this crisis at a geopolitical level, especially the “despair” of developed countries in the face of a collapse of the economy of these proportions.

The Turkish president acknowledged that Turkey was unable to escape the pandemic due to the spread of the virus in all its surrounding countries, including Iran and Europe. “However, our difference from other countries is that we have a powerful health infrastructure and that we have taken the necessary precautions in time,” he added, stating that the contagion curve in Turkey has started to flatten out.

“We aim to ensure the highest level of compliance with the measures throughout the month of Ramadan, and we are confident in our country’s transition to normal life after the holiday (in late May),” he said.

Turkey must prepare for what the world will be like after the pandemic

Erdoğan insisted that the COVID-19 pandemic will bring a new scenario worldwide and that it is therefore necessary not only to combat the outbreak of the virus, but also to be prepared for the new situations that will arise in the world, both in Turkey and in surrounding countries.

“At our cabinet meeting yesterday, we gave all the necessary warnings and instructions to all of our ministers. Turkey, for the first time since World War II, has the opportunity to be at the centre of a global restructuring process. The only way to take advantage of this opportunity is to start preparing now,” Erdoğan concluded speaking about the consequences of the pandemic.