Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan

Erdoğan reveals new measures to reduce electricity bills

Turkish president announced a series of measures and subsides for households and businesses to deal with the increase in electricity prices.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan announced yesterday a series of measures to reduce electricity bills for both consumers and companies, given the escalation in electricity prices, which together with food is helping to skyrocket inflation in Turkey.

During a televised appearance after a meeting with his cabinet of ministers, Erdoğan announced that a readjustment will be made to establish a new limit from which higher electricity costs are applied to households that consume the most; in addition, some 4 million households in Turkey with few resources will receive subsidies from the State to help them pay both electricity and gas bills.

The Turkish president pointed out in his appearance that many small companies and businesses will also be able to benefit from the new readjustment in electricity prices; furthermore, Erdoğan also announced that civil organisations and associations will no longer be required to pay similar electricity rates to companies.

“We continue to support households with electricity and natural gas (bills). We are paying attention to what our people say, and finding solutions to their problems”, he said when announcing the new measures to reduce electricity bills. Erdoğan assured once again that high inflation is “temporary”, and that his government will manage to reduce it. “Our most important problem is high inflation. I hope that we will beat it and see it go down month by month,” he concluded.