Erdoğan, AKP party

Erdoğan prepares big changes ”in the coming days” in the government

Erdoğan’s AKP party spokesman confirmed that the Turkish president is preparing major changes in the party and the government.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan is preparing major changes in his government cabinet “in the coming days,” AKP party spokesman Mahir Ünal said on Tuesday, thus confirming the growing rumours saying that Erdoğan, also president of the AKP, would carry out a reshuffle of senior officials both within his party and the Turkish government.

“When you talk about a change and one part changes, movements occur throughout the system. He (Erdoğan) will make new arrangements for 2023, not only in the party but also in his cabinet. We will see it in the next few days,” said in statements to the private channel NTV Ünal, former Minister of Culture and Tourism, when asked about the rumours about possible changes in the government.

During his remarks, Ünal stressed that the AKP had not invited to the congress of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) representatives of the HDP, the Kurdish nationalist party against which a prosecutor recently filed a lawsuit to the Constitutional Court asking its closure due to possible links with the PKK terrorist group.

In recent days there had been growing rumours in the press about possible changes in the Turkish government ahead of the AKP congress. Government sources have also insistently denied any rumour about a possible change in the date of the presidential elections scheduled for June 2023, coinciding with the first centenary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey, where Erdoğan is confident to win again.