Turkey, fire in a luxury building in Izmir

Devastating fire rips through a luxury building in Izmir, Turkey

After 8 hours of tireless efforts, firefighters managed to control and extinguish last night the devastating fire that broke out in one of the most luxurious buildings in the city of Izmir, in western Turkey. Fortunately, the building could be evacuated in time, but 7 people were injured after the fire, which devastated 40 apartments in a block in just two hours, fueled by the fact that the façade was completely covered in wood, which seriously complicated the work of the firefighters, who had to receive support from the police and even a forest firefighting helicopter from the neighboring province of Aydın. Although the cause points to an electrical failure that occurred on the 2nd floor, experts are calling for a thorough investigation into what is one of the worst fires in recent years in a residential building not only in Turkey, but throughout the world.