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Deaths of motorbike delivery drivers multiplied by 10 in the pandemic

190 motorbike delivery drivers died in 2020 during the pandemic. The sector demands more training and better working conditions.

The number of motorbike delivery drivers killed in traffic accidents during the pandemic multiplied by 10, according to data presented a few days ago by the Anatolian Motorcycle Delivery Federation (TAMKF), which shows the reality of a sector that has seen an increase in its demand but also the number of incidents, including robberies and customer assaults.

The data shows that since March 2020 – when the first case of coronavirus appeared in Turkey – a total of 190 motorbike delivery drivers died in accidents during their work, while only 19 died throughout the year 2019. According to TAMKF, since the beginning of the pandemic motorcycle motorbike delivery drivers have been involved in about 63,000 traffic accidents.

Much of this data is explained because, due to curfews and restrictions because of the virus, the demand for delivery people for home delivery of online purchases has skyrocketed; this, according to TAMKF, has caused many people without experience in the use of a motorcycle to start making deliveries. However, the association also points to pressure to make a quick delivery as another contributing factor to accidents.

As explained by Çağdaş Yavuz, President of TAMKF, the number of accidents could be reduced by giving more training to motorcycle drivers, but also by improving their working conditions. “Any motorbike delivery driver can obtain a certificate of compliance from the Professional Qualification Agency of Turkey. But it shouldn’t be optional: it should be mandatory by law that delivery drivers cannot drive without these certificates,” he said.

Yavuz is also calling for taxes on personal protective equipment, such as helmets, to be lowered so that all motorbike delivery drivers can afford to buy a quality one. However, and despite the accidents, businessmen in the sector affirm that during the pandemic the working hours of the delivery drivers have decreased as there are more personnel available, going from delivering 60-70 orders a day before the pandemic, to less than 25.