death toll from fake alcohol

Death toll from drinking fake alcohol in Turkey rises to 83

In Istanbul alone, 34 people died in December from drinking cheaper but toxic and life-threatening illegal alcohol.

The death toll from drinking fake alcohol in Turkey already rises to at least 83 people in 17 provinces so far just in December, as authorities intensify raids on clandestine distillation workshops and call on citizens not to consume illegal alcohol, cheaper but highly toxic and life threatening.

Despite all warnings to the public not to consume bootleg alcohol, two more people died in the last hours in the provinces of Şanlıurfa and Aydın, according to Turkish media. Meanwhile, in the central province of Kayseri, more than 2 tons of illegal alcohol were confiscated in a police operation, which also seized dozens of bottles with false labels ready to be sold.

Hundreds of people have died in Turkey in recent years from consuming adulterated alcohol, which is sold in the black market at cheaper prices because it is often mixed with methyl alcohol: a substance used as a solvent, cheaper than ethyl alcohol, but that can cause blindness, liver damage, and death.

The problem is more serious because, apart from the black market, many legal establishments buy this alcohol and sell it with counterfeit labels to consumers, who buy it cheaper without knowing that they are putting their health at risk; and with the New Year celebrations approaching, the death toll is expected to continue to rise. Just so far in December, this is the death toll list by provinces from drinking fake alcohol in Turkey:

Istanbul: 34
Gaziantep: 6
Antalya: 6
Çorum: 5
Sivas: 5
Mersin: 4
Kahramanmaraş: 4
Afyonkarahisar: 3
Tekirdağ: 3
Erzincan: 2
Yalova: 2
Kocaeli: 2
Ordu: 2
Zonguldak: 2
Şanlıurfa: 1
Ankara: 1
Adıyaman: 1