Turkey, patient dead during hair transplant

Death of a patient during a hair transplant in Turkey under investigation

The arrest of the doctor who performed the hair transplant, accused of negligence, makes questions arise on the standards of hair clinics.

Turkish authorities are investigating the death of a patient during a hair transplant performed at a private clinic in Istanbul, after the man died of an alleged heart attack. His relatives, who denounce that the clinic did not submit him to the proper preliminary tests, request the intervention of the Ministry of Health.

According to the Turkish press, İbrahim Gül, born 28 years ago in Şanlıurfa province and father of a son, moved to Italy 3 years ago to achieve his dream of becoming a professional hairdresser. Last Thursday Gül returned to Turkey to buy various products for his business and, besides, to get hair implants at a private clinic in the Bağcılar district of Istanbul, with which he had arranged an operation.

According to the version of the clinic, Gül – who had paid about 900 euros for the hair implant operation – suddenly lost consciousness while undergoing hair surgery on September 13, and finally died at the clinic, that telephoned his wife informing her that her husband had suffered a heart failure.

After undergoing an autopsy, the man was buried in his hometown of Halfeti (Şanlıurfa) in the midst of a great shock from his relatives, who still cannot understand how a young man in good health died suddenly and demand that justice be done and that all responsibilities must be investigated. This is what his older brother, Ahmet Gül, asks, denouncing that the clinic did not give clear information and put up a lot of problems to clarify what happened.

“The clinic handed him over to us dead, and did not inform us of what happened”

The clinic handed him over to us dead. They did not inform us. He came into the clinic for surgery at 9:00, and around 15:00 we were told that he had suffered a heart attack. They told us that they had placed a stent after the heart attack; then, that they had performed an angiography… How did they perform all these procedures at the same time, in such a short time?”, asks his brother.

“We want the Ministry of Health to address this matter. I wonder how many people like İbrahim have died in that clinic. Others like İbrahim should not die”, explains the brother of the deceased, adding that when he found out about the heart attack, a friend of the patient went to the clinic asking to see him and that, only after getting angry with them, did he get them to show him the lifeless and bloodstained body of Gül.

“We still have no information about what happened. We want this investigation to be deepened. Normally, patients who are going to undergo a hair transplant undergo previous tests, and those with problems are not operated. But in this clinic, they only care about money,” says Gül’s brother, denouncing once again that the clinic did not perform any tests on the deceased.

The doctor who performed the intervention is now arrested

For now, the Turkish judicial authorities have opened an investigation, and the police have arrested Mehmet Albayrak, the doctor who performed the hair transplant operation; after being questioned, he was admitted to prison on charges of “wrongful death” while awaiting judgment.

In the investigation into the death of the patient, Albayrak stated that during the hair transplant operation “when the patient reported that he had chest pain while the hair transplant was being performed, we stopped the operation immediately”; wowever, Turkish hair surgery experts denounce the intrusion of many clinics that, taking advantage of the boom in the hair transplant industry in Turkey, do not follow the proper procedures and employ unqualified medical personnel.