Istanbul, Daesh terrorist detained

Daesh terrorist planning attacks in Istanbul arrested

The detainee, who was staying in a hotel in Istanbul, planned to carry out a terrorist attack near Taksim Square.

Turkish security forces have detained a Daesh terrorist who planned to commit an attack in Istanbul, Turkish media reported on Tuesday, noting that a large operation to capture him was carried out near the hotel where he was staying in the city.

Special forces specialised in fight against terrorism began to follow the movements of the suspect, identified by the initials H.S., after receiving intelligence reports that pointed to his belonging to the terrorist organisation and that he was planning an imminent attack in Istanbul, specifically near the famous Taksim Square.

The suspected Daesh member would have come to the city from the southeastern province of Gaziantep, on the border with Syria. After his arrest, the security forces found 150 cartridges of ammunition and a long-range weapon in the room where the suspect was staying.

Police also captured images from security cameras showing H.S. travelling around Taksim to prepare for the attack. After undergoing an initial medical examination and testifying at the police station, the detainee was transferred to judicial offices and later sent to prison. At the same time, 6 other suspected Daesh members were detained in the Develi district of Kayseri province, the Turkish press reported.

Turkey has been one of the countries hardest hit by the Daesh attacks, having suffered 10 suicide attacks, 7 with bombs and 4 armed attacks that have caused 315 deaths and hundreds of injuries. According to the Interior Ministry, in recent years at least 2,000 suspected members of the terrorist group have been arrested and another 7,000 deported by Turkish authorities.