Istanbul, Daesh terrorist spying police

Daesh terrorist detained in Istanbul while spying on police

Turkey has suffered many Daesh attacks: in 2015 a suicide bomber in Ankara left 103 dead, the worst terror attack in Turkey’s history.

Turkish security forces detained a member of the Daesh terrorist group in Istanbul at dawn on Thursday, just as he was spying on a police post in the Yenibosna district, according to local media.

The suspect, identified as Muhammed Yahya E., was caught “red-handed” while attempting to observe a military police command post in the Yenibosna neighbourhood of Istanbul, after the police received a tip at around 2:00 a.m. about a man that had climbed a nearby tree and was observing the area from it.

The man was immediately detained by the police, who found images and documents related to Daesh in the suspect’s possession. After undergoing a medical examination and questioning, he was arrested pending trial, according to information published in Turkish media.

Turkey has been the target of numerous Daesh attacks, including suicide attacks in large cities such as Istanbul or Ankara, where the terrorist group perpetrated the worst terrorist attack in Turkey’s history on October 10, 2015, causing more than 100 deaths. In August of last year, Mahmut Özden, self-proclaimed “emir of Daesh in Turkey” and who planned an attack in Hagia Sophia, as well as the assassinations of politicians and celebrities, was arrested in the country.