Turkey, planes becomes restaurant in Trabzon

Crashed plane becomes a Turkish restaurant

A plane that in January 2018 skidded off the runway at the Trabzon airport, in the Black Sea region of Turkey, and almost ended up falling into the sea, has ended up being turned into a Turkish restaurant 5 years later. After being withdrawn from service, the authorities of the Yomra district (on the outskirts of Trabzon) granted its use to three Turkish investors, who have decided to transform the 400-passenger aircraft, completely renovating its interior to accommodate between 40 and 50 customers, in addition to designing glass hemispheres with tables inside that will be placed outside, next to the aircraft. So far, the promoters of the project have invested close to 200,000 euros in this innovative restaurant, which is expected to start operating in a month and a half, serving pide, a popular Turkish flatbread that is served stuffed with ingredients and baked.