Asia, plane disinfection for coronavirus

Coronavirus: Turkey suspends flights to 6 countries, including the United Kingdom

Turkish Health Minister confirmed that the number of coronavirus infections in the country has risen to 47 cases, all due to contacts abroad, and asked to avoid unnecessary social contacts.

Turkey‘s Health Minister announced on Monday the suspension from March 17th of flights with 6 other countries affected by the coronavirus, including the United Kingdom, so there are already 20 countries with which the Turkish government prohibits connections by plane to halt the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has already infected near fifty people in the country.

Speaking to reporters, Minister Fahrettin Koca confirmed that flights to Switzerland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom are suspended as of 8:00 am on Tuesday. On Saturday, Turkish authorities had already banned flights with several countries in Asia in addition to Iran, Iraq, and 9 countries in Europe, including Spain.

Later Koca announced on Monday night that the number of infections by the new virus had risen to 47 cases in Turkey after last tests carried out on several Turkish citizens repatriated from other countries. Specifically, there are 29 new cases detected, related to people who were in direct or indirect contact with people in the United States, the Middle East and Europe, including three pilgrims who returned from Mecca.

For this reason, the minister again insisted that “foreign contacts continue to be a risk” and insisted on the need to limit travel and that all those who return to Turkey should voluntarily perform a 14-day quarantine. Koca, who also asked citizens to avoid any unnecessary social contact, indicated that the coronavirus has not caused deaths so far, although there are several patients with respiratory problems.