Turkey, restaurants during the pandemic

Coronavirus: Turkey begins a new period towards ”new normal”

Curfews are relaxed and cafes and restaurants can once again serve customers. 12 million Turks have received both doses of the vaccine.

This Tuesday marks in Turkey the beginning of a new period towards “new normal”, especially for cafes and restaurants, which once again reopen their doors to customers after weeks closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown measures; also in schools, where again many students can see their classmates face to face after several months.

This is the beginning of the new transition to “new normal” announced last night by Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan, who in a televised appearance explained the beginning of a series of measures to gradually ease restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These measures include precisely that restaurants and cafes can return to serve customers in their premises, as long as they comply with hygiene and social distance rules.

At the same time, the rules on curfews are changing; from now on and for at least the entire month of June, a curfew will be in force during weekdays from 10 pm  to 5 am; on weekends the measure is relaxed, since instead of starting on Friday night, the weekend curfew now starts at 10 pm on Saturday, continuing until 5 am on Monday.

More than 12 million Turks have received both doses of the vaccine

Since Turkey left the 17-day lockdown imposed by Ramadan on May 17 due to the alarming increase in infections, the country’s authorities have gradually relaxed restrictions, especially as the administration of vaccines has managed to reduce considerably the contagion rate.

According to the latest official data, more than 29 million Turkish citizens have already been vaccinated with at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine –Sinovac or Pfizer– and more than 12.48 million have received the full two-dose schedule, according to figures provided last night by the Health Ministry of Turkey, which has already begun vaccinating those over 50.

This transition towards the new normal in Turkey is also possible thanks to the fact that in the last 24 hours only 6,493 new infections have been registered -596 of them symptomatic- compared to the 6,933 registered on Sunday: figures very far from the more than 60,000 daily infections that were registered a month ago by coronavirus, which to date has caused 47,527 deaths in Turkey.