Istanbul, bikes during coronavirus

Coronavirus triggers bicycle use among Turks

The temporary closure of gyms, and the fear of contagions from using public transport, has triggered the demand for bicycles inside and outside Turkey.

More and more Turks are opting to use bicycles as a means of transport following the outbreak of coronavirus in Turkey, according to industry experts, who believe that this trend, motivated by fear of contagion when using public transport, will continue in the future once the pandemic ends.

Speaking to the press, Bayram Akgül, president of the Turkish Bicycle Federation, said that the sale of bicycles has skyrocketed in the country since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March.

“The virus has increased interest in bicycles, and people consider it a healthy alternative, also due to the closing of gyms,” said Akgül, who is also CEO of bicycle maker Salcano.

Akgül, who believes that this trend will continue once the pandemic ends, added that the coronavirus has triggered not only domestic demand in Turkey, but also in other countries, to the point that there has been an increase in exports of bicycles made in Turkey, especially in the UK.