Istanbul, Hagia Sophia museum

Coronavirus quarantine triggers online museum visits

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic quarantine, various websites offer information and even the possibility of making virtual 3D visits to the main museums in Turkey.

Quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic has triggered visits to virtual museums in Turkey, with nearly one million visits recorded in the last month of confinement, according to data presented by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

As reported by Turkish media, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched a website last March that allows a visual and first-person tour from home of some of the main museums in Turkey.

The website,, allows for now to visit virtually and in 3D a total of 16 museums in the country, including some as emblematic as Göbeklitepe, the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, the Mosaic Museum of Zeugma, or the Ephesus or Troy museums, among others.

Through the virtual tour, visitors can tour the museum as if they were in person and visit all the dependencies and sections, contemplating the different objects and structures on display. You can also make 3D virtual visits to places like Hagia Sophia through webs like this. Those interested in obtaining more information about museums online, can also visit the website of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.