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Coronavirus: preschool students normalise classes

Preschool students are the first to attend class 5 days a week. Parents in Turkey will be able to decide whether to send children to school.

Preschool students in Turkey will resume their classes 5 days a week 6 hours a day from October 12, Ministry of Education announced on Thursday, after they were the first to return to face-to-face classes in September – although only attending 2 days a week.

Again, it is also the preschool students who first return normally to classes – maintaining the security measures against the coronavirus – attending 5 days a week, although the government maintains its decision that parents will have the last word to decide if children attend class, or continue taking the online course.

Days before, the Turkish Ministry of Health had also announced that it was expanding the measures for a progressive return to face-to-face classes at all levels of primary and secondary education, although for now they will only do so 2 days a week. The announcement reminds that the measures against the coronavirus will be maintained, such as the mandatory use of a mask, social distance, or the prohibition of parents from entering school premises.