Turkey, masks against coronavirus

”Coronavirus infections have not decreased in summer”

Turkey’s Health Minister warns that the virus has not lost strength with heat, but denied that the country is already suffering the second wave of the coronavirus.

The spread of coronavirus in Turkey has not decreased with the arrival of high temperatures and summer, the Turkish Health Minister has warned; however, he denied that the country is going through a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The spread of the virus has not slowed down, there is no scientific evidence that it has become less strong,” Koca told the media on Wednesday after attending a meeting of the scientific committee against the coronavirus in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

“Before May 16, the median age of death (from coronavirus) was 71, now it is 74. In terms of cases, the median age of patients was before 41, and now it is 32,” he added. The minister also indicated that the hospital burden and the admission of patients have also been reduced, but asked not to let down guard in the face of a pandemic that is still in its first phase, and against which there is no known cure or vaccine.

In this regard, in addition to stressing once again the importance of maintaining social distance and wearing mask also during these summer months, Koca announced that Turkey will cooperate with Russia and China in the investigation of a vaccine against the virus. The first tests are expected to begin in the fall. Lastly, the Minister of Health affirmed that at the moment there are no plans to reinstate the restrictions in Turkey.