İzmir, party in Çeşme amidst coronavirus

Controversial images of crowded pubs and beaches despite coronavirus

Interior Ministry has dismissed the governor of the municipality of Çeşme after images of beaches and pubs full of tourists without a mask.

The controversial images of beaches and even parties crowded with tourists without keeping the slightest social distance published on the Internet in recent days, have led the Ministry of the Interior of Turkey to dismiss Hacı Mehmet Kara, governor of the municipality of Çeşme -a popular tourist destination on the Aegean coast- for not properly applying the restrictions and preventive measures against the coronavirus.

Videos and photos published in recent days on social media in Turkey during the holiday for the Feast of Sacrifice, have shown places such as Ilıca beach in Çeşme -a district belonging to the İzmir province- filled with thousands of tourists without concern for maintaining social distance, and without any of them wearing a mask as a preventive measure against the virus.

Likewise, social media published images and videos of various parties in Çeşme in which hundreds of young people filled pubs and terraces for hours at parties organised on the beaches of the area, also without keeping the slightest social distance and without using a single one mask, triggering the risk of new outbreaks and massive infections from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faced with these controversial images, the İzmir provincial governor’s office ordered on August 4 the closure of at least six leisure venues in Çeşme for 15 days as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus; one of them would be the Mom Beach Club, a pub on the coast where the Ukrainian top model Daria Kyryliuk was attacked allegedly by security guards and several waiters, according to Turkish media.