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Climate change: Turkey broke heat and rainfall records in 2021

In November, temperatures reached 32 degrees in parts of Turkey, while the north experienced catastrophic floodings in summer.

Turkey broke all its records for heat and rainfall in 2021, with thermometres reaching 49.1 degrees in July and rainfall in the middle of summer that caused severe flooding, climate change experts warn.

Deniz Demirhan, an academic at Istanbul Technical University who has analysed 2021 weather data from the State Meteorological Service, points out that last November was the warmest month on record in Turkey over the past half century.

“In Cizre district, in the Southeastern province of Şırnak, temperatures of 49.1 degrees were reached in July 2021,” says Demirhan, who stresses that in general, 2021 can be considered a “very hot” year in climatic terms. “When you examine the year month by month, you see that Turkey experienced new phenomena every month,” highlights this Turkish expert.

“In the summer of 2021, temperatures were above normal for that season across the country. June 2021 was the 16th, July 2021 was the 2nd, and August 2021 was the 6th warmest month in the last 50 years,” says the Turkish scientist, who emphasises the case of Adana (in the south of the country ), where “the average daily temperature was 32.1 degrees… in the month of November”.

In addition to being one of the hottest months, November and also January were the months with the most rainfall in Turkey. “The abundant rainfall caused the floods in the Black Sea provinces that took place in the summer of 2021,” concluded Demirhan, who asked the authorities for urgent measures to combat climate change and mitigate its consequences in the coming years.