Turkey, hotel employees receive inheritance from British tourist

British tourist leaves his inheritance to the employees of a Turkish hotel

Hotel employees couldn’t believe it when they received a letter informing them that the tourist was leaving most of his inheritance to them.

Employees of a Turkish hotel in the tourist town of Kuşadası, on the country’s west coast, were pleasantly surprised to learn that a British tourist who regularly stayed at the hotel for years, left them most of his inheritance, thanking them in this way for their kindness and service during the time he spent in the place.

Charles George Courtney, who since 1997 always chose the KoruMar Hotel in Kuşadası to stay every year during his holidays, eventually came to establish a close relationship with the employees of the hotel, where he stayed up to twice a year. His wife died in 2004, but this British citizen kept going to the same hotel, and the friendship with the employees grew.

In 2014, Courtney’s health problems forced him to be hospitalised in the neighbouring Turkish province of İzmir, and the hotel staff did not hesitate to visit him in the hospital. One of them was the hotel bellboy, Taşkın Daştan, who became a close friend of Courtney. “Every morning he would come to my department to say good morning to me, and I would tell him what to have for breakfast. He liked me worrying about his health. I used to visit him, and ask him if he needed anything,” Daştan explained.

This man, who has worked as a bellboy in the hotel since 1990, still remembers with emotion the conversation they had then in the hospital room. “He was a very kind person, and with a lot sense of humor. He made a joke and said that he wanted to leave us something for the education of our children, but I took it as a joke,” Daştan told reporters. After 2014, Courtney’s health problems prevented him from returning to Turkey: it was the last time they saw him alive.

The hotel room where the British citizen always stayed, now bears his name

Although the news has come to light and has gone viral now, it was actually in 2017 that the hotel staff received a letter from the Turkish embassy in the UK, in which – to their surprise – it explained that they wanted to speak with Daştan and with 11 other of his co-workers. His surprise was to discover the reason: Courtney, in his last wishes before he died, left most of his inheritance – about 5,000 euros – to Daştan, as well as other smaller amounts to other hotel employees with whom he had dealt.

This employee, who fondly remembers the mand who he decided to bequeath most of his inheritance to him, comments that the hotel room in which the British tourist always stayed, the 401, has now been renamed “Charlie’s Room” and shows a nameplate: a small tribute to a man who came as a guest, and ended up becoming part of their family.